From Animaniacs No. 28, Aug 97

Brain's Spock

B-You've made me very happy Pinky! AYPWIP?

P- I think so, Brain. (turns and sprays binaca into mouth.)

B-er... then again, lets not let our enthusiasm overwhelm us.

The next scene begins with Pinky calling to an unseen Brain "ER, Brain, why are you in the closet? (brain is actually behind a screen getting chnaged into his disguise.)

Brain poses as Spock to befriend a group of scientists and learn their process for cloning to use for his own plans of world conquest.

From Animaniacs No. 37, May 98 Mr. Brain's Neighborhod

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so, Mr. Brain, but if the sun'll come out tommorrow, what's it doing right now?

Spoof of Mr. Roger's neighborhood in which Brain's uses his own PBS TV show to attempt global conquest.

From Animaniacs No. 43. Dec 98 Shoe In

Brain designs his own basketball shoes complete with miniature radar dish that will allow him to broadcast a worldwide signal causing everyone's sneakers to launch them into outer space.

From Animaniacs No. 44 Jan 99

Weekly World Enquiring Brain


P- I think so, Brain, but aren't we out of shaving cream?

Brain launches his own super market tabloid proclaiming him ruler of the world. He figurs if people believe the stuff they read in those things then they'll believe he is ruler and that will in fact result in him becoming ruler.

From Animaniacs No. 45 Feb. 99

The Brain Loses His Mind!

Brain's brain falls out of his head (literally, and yes, it is as dumb as it sounds) and he needs Pinky's help to get it back into his body.

From Animaniacs No. 46 March 99



P- Oh yes, Brain! Remind me to tape all our phone calls!

and later..

B- AYPWIP, Pinky?

P- Um, I think so, Brain, but I hear Hillary is the jealous type.

Brain poses as world famous hairstylist Lobel EBrain so that he may rise to stardom using his Neuro-Reception Stimulator to hypnotize the world's celebrities, eventually getting to style the president's hair and use the stimulator on him.

From Animaniacs No.47 Apr. 99


B- Eureka, Pinky! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

P- I think so Brain, but Madonna's stock is sinking.

A spoof of "Evita." entire story is sung as one big long song, hence thinking instead of pondering. (thinking rhymes with sinking, pondering rhymes with..... ummm.... see? my point exactly!). From Animaniacs No. 48 May 99

Listen to Mother

B- AYPWIP, Pinky?

P- I think so, Brain. But does "Chunk O' Cheesy's" deliver packing material?

Brain, realizing that everyone always does what their mother says, poses as an old woman named "Mother" and plans to become the famous author of a book of "Heartwarming Homilies" that everyone will listen to and obey.

From Animaniacs No. 49 June 99


B- Pinknarf, AYPWIP?

P- I think so, Brainwulf, but if we're Danish, where's the cream cheese? Narf!

Also, there appears here a slight variant on the "any questions" gag that began in the PEatB TV show.

P- Just one question about all this, Brainwul... if Matt LeBlanc is Lost in Space, how does he show up on Friends every week?

later, while being stomped by the monster Grendel--

B- He's an actor, by the way, Matt LeBlanc was never IN outer space. It was just a movie.

Spoof of Beowulf in which Brainwulf plans to defeat the evil monster Grendel in exchange for being made king of the Danes.

A word about Animaniacs #50-- Pinky and the Brain appear only in an extended cameo as part of a larger story. As I don't list cameos (yet, one day maybe I will) it is not listed here.

From Animaniacs No. 51 Aug 99

Crossed Signals

PatB venture into space and seize control of a telecpmmunications satellite with which Brain plans to hold the world hostage with his broadcast.

From Animaniacs No 52 Sep 99

I Never Promised You a Kindergarten

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so, Brain, but I don't think the newspaper will fit in my underoos.

After accidentally being doused in Brain's age reversal potion, PatB enroll in a high class kindergarten that advertises training for the leaders of tomorrow.

From Animaniacs No 53 Oct 99

Future Stock

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- Uh, I think so Brain--but after eating newspaper all day, do I really need the extra fiber?

Brain deposits money into a savings account with plans to travel to the future and collect the interest.

From animaniacs No 54 Nov 99

Brain vs. Brawn

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so, Brain! But isn't a dreadlock hair extension awfully expensive?

An old west spoof of the legend of John Henry, with the Brain as the inventor of the machine Henry competes against.

From animaniacs No 55 Dec 99

Operation: Slumberland

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain. But will anyone other than eskimos buy blubber flavored chewing gum?

Brain invents a dream projection chamber, allowing him to enter people's dreams and influence their subconscious.

From Animaniacs No 56 Jan 00

The Britches of Madison County

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so, Brain, but the ointment expired weeks ago.

Brain searches for the frequency that will cause everyone's pants to suddenly contract and trap them. He and Pinky visit "Trouserfest '99" to research the project.

From Animaniacs No 57 Feb 00

Bean Counter Brain

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so, Brain. But would the villains REALLY have gotten away with it if it weren't for those pesky kids and their dog?

Brain goes the voodoo route and tries to sell customized beanie baby type dolls to everyone on the planet so he can work his voodoo powers on them.

The animaniacs comic series ended with #59. PatB were not featured in 58 or 59 except as cameo appearances. Pinky and the Brain (and Animaniacs) are now officially and totally dead.