From Pinky and the Brain No. 12, Jun 97

Beach Blanket Brain

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so, Brain, but wouldn't an itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, yellow polka dot one-piece be better suited for my figure?

Brain needs a giant lens to carve his image into the moon, thus making everyone worship him as a deity. Where to get this lense? Easy-- enter a surfing contest, the grand prize being a glass surfboard!?!?

Moby Dinky

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so, Brain, but won't it go straight to my hips?(looking at some cheese)

Brain needs whale plaque to create an elixir which when mixed with the worlds drinking water will render everyone allergic to salt. To get the plaque he and pinky go in search of the world's smallest whale, moby dink, who turns out to be a robot piloted by none other than snowball, who is up to the same scheme.

From Pinky and the Brain No. 13, Jul, 97 Ali Brain and the Forty Thieves

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so, Ali Brain! But isn't it cheating to use glue?

Brain plots to gain access to the cave of the 40 thieves and use the 3 wishes of their magic lamp to gain control.


B- Pinky-- er, that is Pinkerbell-- AYWIP?

Whuu... I think so, Brainpan! But if running shoes had little feet, wouldn't they need their own shoes?

A rejuvenation ray experiment turns P + B into Brainpan and tinkerbell.... Brain seizes the opportubity to use Pinkerbell's magic powers to make the world's people all pledge allegance to him.

From Pinky and the Brain No. 14, Aug. 97


B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so, Brain. But what if the Earl of Essex doesn't like burlap pantaloons?

In the time of Shakespeare Brain plans to stage his own theattical presentation, containing messages which will start a revolution against the english monarchy.

To Bee or Not to Bee

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so, Brain. But should we use dishwashing liquid or cooking oil?

Brain creates a list of the 103 most important people in the world (this includes the likes of Paulie Shore and Larry Storch). By cotrolling these people Brain will control the world, he decides to do this by first infiltrating and taking command of a swarm of killer bees, who he will then use to strike fear into the 103 and make them do his will.

From Pinky and the Brain No 15, Sep. 97

...Biker Mamas From Heck!

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so, Brain! We'll dress up like biker dudes and infiltrate the "hades ladies." Then we'll convince them to hold a meeting inside the corn palace. Narf! The resulting carbon monoxide buildup will allow you to complete your energy making device and shortly after, you will rule the world!

b- Actually, I was thinking of calling the police. But I like your idea better!

Brain has a plan for a new form of energy which requires a huge structure built of corn and lots of carbon monoxide (mistakenly called CO2 in the story, of course boys and girls we all know CO2 is carbon DIoxide, i guess Brain isn't all that smart after all, no wonder why he can't conquer the world.) so as pinky pondered correctly above, him and brain infiltrate a group of motorcycle babes so as to use the massive amounts of carbon monoxide (thats CO Brain my boy, not CO2) to put Brain's energy plan into effect.

From Pinky and the Brain No. 16, Oct. 97 Verminator II Judgement Night


P- I think so Br...

B- No, on second thought don't tell me... i don't think they allow that in a book with the comics code.

(I don't get it, i stared at it for hours, i just don't get it, if someone can explain it to me please do. My sick mind has it's own idea concerning what Pinky is holding in his hands, but that CAN'T be it.)

Once again (see P and B #3) Brain is visited by a futuristic robot, this time two... one to protect him, one to destroy him, the later made out of liquid cheese that has the ability to morph into different shapes.

From Pinky and the Brain No. 17, Nov. 97


Dr. Von Brain and his assistant Pinky are about to regenerate a lifeless body... until Count Snowball gets involved and steals the body's brain, and it's pinky. No AYPWIP? is performed.

Hex Breaker

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- We think so Brain! But dressing like twins is so tacky.

Brain has a demon he captured and is planning to vaporize and spread the evil particles all over the world, causing everyone to have "long term heebie-jeebies" allowing him to seize control. Things awry when Pinky becomes possesed by the demon, leading to a whole slew of horror movie spoofs.