Patty Ann

B- Any Questions?

P- Just one. If Fred Flinstone knew the giant order of ribs was going to tip over his car. why did he order them every week?

Brain's answer at end of episode-

B- It was an end title.

P- What?

B- Fred Flinstone doesn't order ribs every week, that was only animated once, then music and voice tracks were added. The footage is run at the end of the show in the same spot everytime. It's called an End Title.

Brain plots to pose as a young girl named Patty Ann who becomes trapped in a sewer under construction. The national media attention this will attract will allow Brain to rise to power. First though, he and pinky must evade Elmyra and the affections of her neighbor Rudy.

Gee Your Hair Spells Terrific

Brain is planning a Jurassic Park like re-incarnation of the T-Rex, except he is planning to use their large size to create mass amounts of food that will out the cattle industry out of business. He needs $25K for an incubator to raise the T-Rex's, which just happens to be the first prize in the spelling bee Elmyra is to be a contestant in.

Cute Little Alienhead

Brain contacts an Alien visiting our plan and attempts barter with him for their advanced technology which he will use to conquer the world. He theorizes this will be cheaper and easier then constantly trying to invent and build new devices himself.

Better Living... Through Cheese

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- Narf! I think so Brain, but what if the telechubbies don't fight fair?

E- Ewwww that would be bad.

B- Any Questions?

P- Just one. How come Elton John gets older and older but his hair gets younger and younger?

At the end of episode-

B- It might be a weave.

P- What?

B- Elton John's Hair, I think it might be a weave.

While trying to perfect his cold fusion generator Brain stumbles upon mold fusion, which is similiar but requires the use of moldy old cheese. He decides to use this to enter Elmyra's school science fair to win the junior science kit grand prize, as he is frustrated with having to perform science without the necessary lab gear.

My Fair Brainy

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain. But even if we found a tuxedo to fit a blowfish, who would marry it?

B- Any questions?

P- Just one, Brain. How do they get the snow to fall when you shake up those little souvenier globes?

After being bopped on head by Elmyra-

B- Particles of a white material with a slight negative buoyance relative to to the water in which they are suspended.

P- How's that?

B- Those souvenier globes, thats how they get the snow to fall in them.

Brain attempts to transform Elmyra into a genious so that she can win the contest to be the first child in outer space, thus allowing Brain access to the satellite he needs for his plans of conquest.

The Cat Who Cried Woof!

After using his Doggy DNA cocktail to transform Emyra's menacing violent cat Mr. Pussy Wussy into a loving obedient canine, Brain plans to out his cocktail into the world's water supply, causing everyone to behave like dogs. He will then order them all to "stay."

The Girl With Nothing Extra

Brain tries to make Elmyra popular so she'll have friends to play with and leave Pinky and him alone.

Narfily Ever After


P- Umm no Cranky Mouseykins, not even in a story you made up.

Brain tells Elmyra a fairy tale based on Cinderella in which he invents leather shoes in an effort to replace all the glass ones and take over the world.

The Icky Mouse Club

B- Any Questions?

P- Just one. On Sabrina the teenage witch, her pet cat looks so real, how do they make it talk?

Later after a fence falls on his head..

B- It's a puppet.

P- What?

B- The cat on Sabrina the teenage witch, it's a puppet. Thats how they make it talk.

Seeing that the neighborhood children have no place to play, Brain decides to create a clubhouse, with him as the president. He will then lead the youth in revolution and they will decalre him their leader.

The Man from Washington

The mysterious man searching for Pinky and the Brain in the opening credits if finally revealed. Rudy reports being attacked by two talking mice to the FBI. This gets the attention of a secret government organization called "The Circle" that knows of Brain's attempts at world domination. They send one of their agents, Mr. Wally Foust, to make Brain join them.