To Russia With Lab Mice

In a James Bond spoof, Brain volunteers Pinky and himself for a toy testing experiment in Russia. The trip will allow Brain to access to the world's caviar supply, which he plans to altar, giving it a peanut butter like consistency which will cause all world leader's tongues to stick to the roof's of their mouths, First however, they must outwit Russian Spy Mousey Galore.

Hickory Dickory Bonk

Musical/rhyming bit with Brain attemtping to take over the world by making all the clocks chime at once.

The Pinky and the Brain Reunion Special

Brain stages and airs a fictitious reunion of cartoon legends Pinky and the Brain. Hoping for a ratings bonanza gainst competition such as the Nova documentary on the shoelace, Brain will broadcast his hypno beam as viewership hits it's peak. As part of the "highlights" shown on the reunion special there are two AYPWIP's?

In Italian--

B- Do you ponder what I ponder Pinky?

P- I think so Brainini, but arugala flavored gelato?

also, Pinky and the Brain bored and lethargic with the script-

B- Pinky, are you pondering, ya know.

P- I think so Brain but uhh... something about a duck.

A Legendary Tail


P- I think so Big Brainy Fish Face Stovepipe Wiggleroom Ilene, but if you get a long little doggy wouldn't you just call it a Dauchshound?

Brain programs his computer to manufacture the legend of Big Johnny Brain Jones Peach Pit Bill Boone Crocket, who travelled the old west planting peach trees. He will then circulate this tale to all libraries and schools, making himself a revered american hero.

Project B.R.A.I.N.

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain. But then I would have to know what pondering is, wouldn't I?

Spending time in the labs sensory deprivation tank causes Brain to recall memories of when he and Pinky were first genetically altered into super intelligent mice and Brain's discover of his desire for global domination.

Star Warners


P- I think so Brain2, but a show about 2 talking lab mice? Whew, it'll never get on the air.

Pinky and the Brain as robots 3PinkyO and Brain2Me2 in a Star Wars spoof involving Brain trying to harness the power of the evil MegaStar to conquer the galaxies. Features extensive appearances by the entire cast of Animaniacs as well as a few other famous WB cartoon characters.