Welcome to the Jungle

P- Brain, AYPWIP?

B- We eat the box?

P- No Brain, we built a boat, then we eat the box.

Animal rights activists steal P+B and return them to the jungle. There they find that A)Pinky has better natural instincts than Brain. B)An old nemesis is doing the Apocalypse Now bit with some lost tourists.

A Little Off the Top


P- Wuh, I think so Brain, but if Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why does he keep doing it?

In biblical times Brain tries to find and use the source of Sampson's strength.

Megalomaniacs Anonymous

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain, Narf! But don't camels spit alot?

Brain cracks under the stress of trying to conquer the world and begins to question his life's work. Realizing he is only hurting the ones he "tolerates" he seeks help and begins knitting and doing works of charity.

Two Mice and a Baby

On a distant planet made of ice that is about to explode, 2 parents send their only child into space in a small one man craft(sound familiar?). Upon arriving on Earth P + B find this superhuman tyke and Brain plans to train and use him to take over the world. No AYPWIP? os performed.

The Maze

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain, but how will we get a pair of Abe Vigoda's pants?

During the day ( as oppoesed to at night) Brain has a plan to use a rare solar phenomen to his advantage. First however, he and Pinky must transverse the lab's new virtual reality maze.

A Brain of the Future

In a rather confusing episode, P + B are in the lab one day when a time traveling space ship appears. Out pops another set of P + B, just back from the future with a world domination kit. They send present day P + B 2 billion years into the future to find the world domination kit and bring it back. This leads to a whole bunch of sets of P + B's running around through time and bumping into each other. There is no AYPWIP? but at one point one Brain turns to the other Brain and says something like "Yes, I am pondering what you're pondering."


B- Pinky. AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain, but Pete Rose, I mean, can we trust him?

Brain is experimenting with cloning and plots to create a race of brains to help him conquer the world, but things go awry when one of pinky's toe nail clippings gets in the mix.

Hoop Schemes

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- i think so, Brain, but why would peter bogdanovich?

Realizing the incredible popularity of basketball stars, Brain plots to form his own basketball team, with himself as the star center, and then use is his worldwide fame to gain control.

The 1996-98 season (now on everyday!!!)

Leave it to Beavers

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain, but isn't a cucmber that small called a gurkin?

Brain's plan to alter Pinky's genes and make him evolve into a smarter mouse go awry, causing Pinky to be able to communicate with beavers. Brain immediately alters his plan to take advantage of this, planning to use a legion of Beavers to damn all the worlds rivers and force the population to surrender to him under threat of flood.


At the dawn of the film industry, Brain plots to become one of the first stars of the cinema and then use his world fame to show everyone his prowess as a potential world leader.

Brain Noir

Brain Noir

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain, but if we get Sam Spade we'll never have puppies.

In LA 1946 Brain is plotting to build a giant steam machine that will make everyone's Fedora's shrink, seizing to their heads, blinding them, abnd causing a great panic. However, Brain soon becomes sidetracked by an old love interest (Billie of "The World Can Wait") and an old nemesis (Snowball).