The Pinky Protocol

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain, but the can the gummy worms really live in peace with the the marshmallow chips?

Filmmaker "Gulliver Slone" catches P and B in the act of trying to conquer the globe and begins raving conspiracy theories about mice ruling the world and their involvement in JFK's assassination and Watergate. This inspires Brain to create his own conspiracy theory, a secret document which makes him ruler of the world that the government is keeping hidden from the public in an effort to keep another mouse (like the one who took over Florida) from rising to power.

Mice Don't Dance

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain, but wouldn't anything lose it's flavor on the bed post overnight?

In NY 1939, Brain plans to use the power of music to tap dance his message of global domination using a pair of steam powered legs and plans to do it at the NY's world fair.

Brain Drained

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain, but 3 round meals a day wouldn't be as hard to swallow.

Brain realizes that his plans are becoming redudant (hes just realizing this now ?!?!) and seeks to hire professional screenwriters to come up with new original plans for him.

Brain Acres

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain, but if the plural of mouse is mice, wouldn't the plural of spouse be spice?

Brain brings to life a carrot, who Pinky befriends and names Maurice. The Carrot is too much like Pinky to be of any use, but Brain recalibrates his euipment so as create giant mutant vegetables which he wll then bring to life and use to rule the world. Brain, Pinky, and their new companion Maurice, head out to the country and start farming the giant crops in preparation for the upcoming country fair, at which Maurice wants to enter the sheep herding contest. After all as Pinky points out, theres no rules saying a carrot can't be a sheepdog.

Pinky and the Brainmaker

rain invents a cloning machine and duplicates hundreds of copies of himself, to form a dance company ?!?! No AYPWIP? is performed.

Calvin Brain

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain, but three men in a tub, ewww, thats unsanitary.

Brain creates a new perfume, "Subjugation" with a TV commercial to boot. However, he only has enough money to show the commercial once, at 3 am on the weather channel. So he seeks to enlist the help of the fashion world to promote his hypnotic scent.

Pinky Suavo

B- Pinky Suavo, AYPWIP?

P- Yeeeessssss, but why does ze chicken cross ze road if not for love? ahhh... i do not know.



P- I think so Brain, but i prefer Space Jelly.

Brain discovers the existence of T.H.E.Y. The Horde of Ecumenical Yodelers. Which is actually a secret society of world leaders, including such names as Regis Philbin and Michael Jordan. So, once again posing as Nedalen Popo and Hasan Lembec, of Brainainia fame, to infiltrate and join this secret society. But first they must pass the initiation.

The Real Life

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- Yes Brain, but if our knees bent the other way how would we ride a bicycle

Brain has the only remaining copy of Rush Limbaugh's attempt at a singing career on LP. He plans to broadcast this to the entire world, causing mass hysteria. To broadcast to the entire worl, he must build a transmitter in Cleveland, at the center of the optimum electro magnetic field in the world. Just one problem, the house that stands in that spot is being used as the set for the "Empty TV" program, "The Real Life." P and B set about infiltrating the cast so they can build the transmitter.

Brain's Way

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- Wuh, i think so Brain, but how will we get 3 pink flamingos into one pair of capri (?) pants?

Brain opens his own las vegas casino to fund his latest scheme of global domination, the worldwide water torture, and in the process becomes the latest singing sensation when he performs at the hotel.