Inherit the Wheeze


P-I think so Brain, but wouldn't his movies be more suitable for children if his name was Jean Claude Von Don (Darn??)?

Brain is used for an experiment to show the dangers of cigarette smoking and becomes addicted. When his constant craving for tobacco causes one of his plans to fail he decides to take on the tobacco compnanies and topple them as a stepping stone to conquest.

Brain's Night Off

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain, but will they let the Cranberry Duchess stay in the Lincoln bedroom?

It's time for Brain's annual night off from taking over the world, but at everything he and Pinky try to do for recreation he ends up unknowingly enciting the masses to follow him in revolution.

Beach Blanket Brain

In Malibu 1963 Brain plans to become king of the beach so that he may spread his hypnotic suntan lotion "Brain de Solee" to the unsuspecting teens who idolize him.

The Family That Poits Together, Narfs Together

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain, but why does a forklift have to be so big if all it does is lift forks?

Brain needs $25K for his impossible to solve crossword puzzle plan, which leads to the reunion of Pinky's family so they can enter Squeege and Kathie Glee's most perfect family contest.

Pinky's Turn

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain, but if it was only supposed to be a three hour tour why did the Howell's bring all their money?

Peaved at Pinky's thinking that planning to take over the world is an easy job, Brain allows Pinky to give it a shot. Pinky's plan to open an oyster petting zoo in a remote desert town leads Pinky (through an odd chain of events) to be head of the U.S. Federal Reserve, at which point Brain resumes control and ruins everything.

Global Domination: Your Friend.

Brain's propaganda video to show school children the virtues of living under a Brain controlled dictatorship.

You'll Never Eat Food Pellets in This Town Again

In an unusual, interesting episode which is very reminiscent of "Yes, Always," we go behind the scenes into the lives of those who "make" patb. We have the two stars p and b, Brain's wife, Sheila (the actress who plays Billie!?!), and Pinky's... puppet Margaret. Things take a turn for the worse when WB marketing reps look to make radical change to the show in order to improve already stellar ratings (whoever thought up "The New Adventures of PATB" watch and take note, the irony..). No AYPWIP? is performed, in fact, ingeniously the characters dialogue is pretty much totally unlike it is in a normal episode, because as Brain points out "no writers."

Dangerous Brains

B-- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain, but zero mostelle (?) times anything is still zero mostelle.

Brain needs money for his magnetic moon controller he is lanning to emplement on the night of the lunar eclipse. His first job working at a hot dog only fast food joint eventually leads him to High School teacher to a group of troubled inner city youths.

Whatever Happened to Baby Brain

B- Pinky, AYPWIP?

P- I think so Brain, but if we have nothing to fear but fear itself, why does Eleanor Roosevelt wear that spooky mask?

In 1930's Hollywood Brain schemes to earn funds for his global conquest by Becoming the next great cute child movie star.

Just Say Narf

Musical ditty with Pinky singing to Brain the virtues of his favorite word.

From Animaniacs 1997-98

The Brain's Apprentice

P and B make a brief return to Animaniacs in a dialogue free all music short spoof of Fantasia in which Pinky attempts to control Brain's army of toy robots. An actual episode complete with theme song intro, not merely a cameo (I don't count those).