Welcome to PatB TV!

Well, as many of you may know, our friends are no longer on TV (occasional appearance on the big cartoonie show not withstanding). So, now that I have the means to do it, I am now showing complete PatB episodes online!! Yes you heard me right, just don't tell The WB hehe. Of course, it'll have to rotate a couple different episodes at a time and probably won't include any of the full half hour shows, but it's something.

Where No Mouse Has Gone Before

Bubba Bo Bob Brain

Leggo My Ego

The Helpinky Formula

Pinky and the Brain... and Larry

The Man From Washington

Win Big

Sorry about the video quality being so-so, my source material isn't all that great to begin with and neither is my hardware, but hey it's free.

And you will need the most recent version of Real player to view them. Enjoy, and no telling the WB people!.