whirly wind!

and... uh... thats Larry

and Larry, ok!? OK!

I'm Larry

Doe. A deer, a female deer? (Christopher Walken and Robert Deniro doing some mousealope hunting)

Future P and B planning their night

Brain gives the secret T.H.E.Y. sign

I pylon(Brain's first attempt at bringing an inanimate object to life from "Say What Earth")

Beyond passion, and Obsession, lies subjugation


The collection of AYPWIP? answers from Schpielborg 2000.. also from that segment--

Hit medley

Narf Medley

Egad Brain Brilliant medley

andPoit Medley

But it seemed like such a bargain!From the Halloween special.. also---

Say Goodbye Pinky

and Brain in search of Hades.

The Factory tour from "You Said a Mouseful"also...

Brain's tea bag scheme (easily the dumbest plan for global conquest yet)

P and B introduce themselves as Japanese business men

and Brain tells Pinky his plan

Try to wake over the turld!!!The closing of "You Said a Mouseful"

Brain speaks surfer lingo--


makings the scene.

Brain does a little accounting for his crossword puzzle plan.

Funny Things Pinky's Parents say--

Planning the NY trip

Dad tries to help Brain take over the world.

Dad tries to help again

I was on the telly once.Pinky's mom

Pinky in command (sort of).

Brain hard at work at "Hotdog on a Hotdog."

Brain's Plan ase seen from Pinky's P.O.V.

Brain's secret potient