Wavs from the 1999 - 1999 season

From Brainwashed

Brain in the land of hats

I am not a hat, i am a free..... well... not a hat!

That clown from Washington!

Dr. Moredough's diabolical scheme for world conquest

Pinky has nothing to worry about

Counter Intelligence

From the "Reunion" Special--

Vanilla Ice

PatB's lethargic episode


Special guest appearance by Larry

Brain in the sensory deprivation tank

The problem with computers

From Pinky, Elmrya and the Brain

Playing Titanic

Cranky Mousey

The spelling bee--

Elmyra's first word

Elmyra's second word

Brain surrenders

Elmyra's first astronomy lesson

Brain does his part to foster interplanetary relations.

This promises to be grim

At play with Mr. Pussy Wussy

The Man from Washington

Does anyone have a handful of corn?

I'll play Black Sabbath til your ears explode

This is X-files spooky

Disturbed, deeply disturbed

Lowering our sights a bit?

Pinky and the Brain in Rudy's room

I'll have to take this up with Stephen Hawking