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Win Big

Where Rodents Dare

Battle for the Planet

Pavlov's Mice

Opportunity Knox

Jockey for Position

Bubba Bo Bob Brain


Puppet Rulers

The World Can Wait

When Mice Ruled the Earth

Yes, Always

Brain Meets Brawn

The Helpinky Formula

Meet John Brain

The Cranial Crusader

Animaniacs 1995-96

Don't Tread On Us

Animaniacs 1997-98

The Brain's Apprentice

Pinky and the Brain 1995-96

Das Mouse

Of Mouse and Man

Tokyo Grows

That Smarts


Pinky and the Fog

Cheese Roll Call

Where No Mouse Has Gone Before


TV or not TV

Napolean Brainaparte

A Pinky and the Brain Christmas


Around the World in 80 Narfs


Ambulatory Abe

The Mouse of LaMancha

The Third Mouse

The Visit

The 1996-97 Season

It's Only a Paper World

Collect 'em All


Plan Brain from Outer Space

Robin Brain

The Mummy

The Pink Candidate

Brain's Song

Welcome to the Jungle

A Little of the Top

Megalomaniacs Anonymous

Two Mice and a Baby

The Maze

A Brain for the Future


Hoop Schemes


Leave it to Beavers


Brain Noir

Pinky and the Brain...and Larry

Where the Deer and the Mousealopes Play

Brain's Bogie

Say What, Earth

My Feldmans, My Friends

All You Need is Narf

Pinky's Plan

This Old Mouse


A Meticulous Analysis of History

Funny, You Don't Look Rhennish

The Pinky Protocol

Mice Don't Dance

Brain Drained

Brain Acres

Pinky and the Brainmaker

Calvin Brain

Pinky Suavo


The Real Life

Brain's Way

Halloween Special

Brainy Jack

Leggo My Ego

Big in Japan

But, Thats Not All Folks

Operation Sealion

You Said a Mouseful

The Tailor and the Mice

Bah, Wilderness

Pinky at the Bat

Schpielborg 2000

Broadway Maladay

Brainie the Pooh

The Melancholly Brain

Inherit the Wheeze

Brain's Night Off

Beach Blanket Brain

The Family That Poits Together Narfs Together

Pinky's turn

Global Domination: Your Friend

You'll Never Eat Food Pellets in This Town Again

Dangerous Brains

Whatever Happened to Baby Brain

Just Say Narf

The Pinky P.O.V.

The Really Great Dictator

Brain Food

The 98-99 Season


To Russia With Lab Mice

Hickory Dickory Bonk

The Pinky and the Brain Reunion Special

A Legendary Tail

Project B.R.A.I.N.

Star Warners

From Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain

Patty Ann

Gee Your Hair Spells Terrific

Cute Little Alienhead

Better Living...Through Cheese

My Fair Brainy

The Cat Who Cried Woof!

The Girl With Nothing Extra

Narfily Ever After

The Icky Mouse Club

The Man From Washington

Yule Be Sorry

How I Spent My Weekend

From the "Big Cartoonie Show"

At the Hop

Pinky's Dream House

Squeeze Play

The Ravin

Wag the Mouse

A Walk in the Park

That's Edutainment

Teleport a Friend

Mr. Doctor

Fun, Time and Space

Hooray for Meat

Party Night

The Mask of Braino

Comic Books

Animaniacs No.1

Global Disorder

Animaniacs No. 3

Rewriting History

Animaniacs No. 4

Space Case

Animaniacs No. 9

Reservoir Mice

Animaniacs No. 11

Brain for Brain

Animaniacs No. 12

The Mod Couple

Animaniacs No. 16

The Mean Green Monster Brain Machine

Animaniacs No 19

Little Green Mice

Animaniacs No 22

World Domination To Go

Animaniacs No. 24

Brooklyn Brain

Animaniacs No. 28

Brain's Spock

Animaniacs No. 37

Mr. Brain's Neighborhood

Animaniacs No. 43

Shoe In

Animaniacs #44

Weekly World Enquiring Brain

Animaniacs #45

The Brain Loses His Mind!

Animaniacs #46


Animaniacs #47


Animaniacs #48

Listen to Mother

Animaniacs #49


Animaniacs #51

Crossed Signals

Animaniacs #52

I Never Promised You a Kindergarten

Animaniacs #53

Future Stock

Animaniacs #54

Brain vs. Brawn

Animaniacs #55

Operation: Slumberland

Animaniacs #56

The Britches of Madison County

Animaniacs #57

Bean Counter Brain

Pinky and the Brain Christmas Special

Jingle Narf

Pinky and the Brain No 1

Legend of the Dark Night

Pinky and the Brain No 2


Little Big Brain

No 3


The 7th Wife of Henry the 8th

No. 4

Pink O' the Irish

Caged Heat

No. 5

Oil's Well that Ends Well

No. 6

Plan Brain from Outer Space

No 7

Faust Things Faust

Clan of the Cave Mice

No. 8

Mission: Inpinkable

I, Brainus

No. 9

The Mouse Who Would Be King

Kappa Delta Rodent

No. 10

Mad Mouse Lab Warrior

No. 11


The Final Narf

No. 12

Beach Blanket Brain

Moby Dink

No. 13

Ali Brain and the 40 Thieves


No. 14


To Bee or Not to Bee

No. 15

Biker Mamas From Heck

No. 16

Verminator II Judgement Night

No. 17


Hex Breaker

No. 18


Brinky 1/2

No. 19


It's a Wonderful Narf

No. 20

Mice in Pink

Brainberry R.F.D.

No. 21

Fantastic Voyage to the Bottom of the President's Brain

Acme Valley P.T.A.

No. 22

The Mouse in the Iron Mask

Stunted Publicity

No. 23

Brine Monkeys

The Terrific Takeover of Oz

No. 24

El Cerebro

Pinky Mon Amour

No. 25

The Dark Pinky Returns

No. 26

The Scarlet Lettuce

G.I. Brain

No. 27

Were-Mice of London

Scream and Scream Again

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